At Rest Farms

A Farm for the people, by the people

a little story about us

At Rest Farms is dedicated to offering great prices on parts for its customers and good paying jobs for its employees.

As we progress one of our many goals is to offer auto service at our travel centers. If you have a break down our aim is to have you back on the road in about an hour. Whether you drive a truck, bus, car, or van we’re here to

DeCedrick Grier became an owner operator in 2002. His pay came from a percentage so he always followed freight prices. Prices have gone up since but the price of hauling freight has stayed the same. At Rest Farms wants to help its customers

At Rest Farms is designed to take on 3 of the nations pressing problems while fighting the social & systemic injustices of the transportation industry. Our goal for the website is to create paying jobs, teach people their worth, and ask for your financial support.

At Rest Farms aims to provide its members with affordable services throughout the country. The benefit of being a farm is we’re striving to provide healthy eating to Americans. Whether you drive a petroleum vehicle or EV At Rest Farms is here to serve.